Bad Work Places

Bad Work Places

Paula’s Question:
I sit with my back to an open corridor where people walk past a lot and I am having major back stabbing issues at work and lots of terrible trouble, I cannot move the seating so what is a good remedy to stop the awfulness that is going on.

Thank you


Gayle’s Answer:
Hi Paula, thanks for your question. This is such an unnerving way to work – I can completely appreciate your situation. Additionally when corporate leaders do not encourage friendly environments – this is even worse! OK, a very easy fix for this is to add a normal small round mirror just off to your left or right – (in front of you) where you are sitting at your desk.

This will allow you to look in the mirror and see/know what’s happening behind you at all times and it does just a small mirror to others (believe it or not).

I also recommend you surround yourself with nicer objects at work. For instance a very small vase of flowers or a few objects that can represent your personal goals is very good because it allows you to stay focused on the reason why your there. You can have a look at our workplace remedy section as well if you like (

You don’t have to buy anything but you can get an idea of some Feng Shui things you can get and how/why people position these things at their desk. You may prefer to have something entirely different – which is fine because the items should reflect what you can relate to and you goals.

Having said that, things like Kirins are very protective and they do help us to maintain ourselves when working in a negative atmosphere, Kwan Kung is a protector, Kwan Yin fulfils the Heart…  it’s up to you. We’ve got very easy things you can put at your workstation.

Finally, at an Inner Feng Shui level you will need to make the effort not to buy into the situation at work. Don’t even contemplate getting involved in “the he said/she said thing” – it’s very debilitating and if the worst that can happen is you lose your job – that might not be so bad…

What goes around comes around so leave negative people to their own devices and stay out of the way. If someone is on a negative spiral – you need to make sure you are out of their way!

Good Luck

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