5 Main Causes of Bad Luck

5 Main Causes of Bad Luck

Today Jane has asked a question about the causes of Bad Luck.  Its a good question and you might be surprised to discover the answers…

Dear Gayle,
We seem to have a lot of Bad Luck going on this year.  We haven’t had it happening in the past but we were wondering what might be the cause?

Gayle Says:
Hi Jane,
thanks for your question.  In Feng Shui we say there are 5 main causes of bad luck.

1.  The first is: general bad Feng Shui in the Flying Stars Horoscope of your Home.  Sometimes, even if we apply Feng Shui principles when building, there are deeper forces that take place at a “building horoscope level” and if you haven’t catered for this when building the home – you can have a situation where the negative energy is built to be active and the positive energy is “deactivated” in the building processes.  This will have a significant affect for anyone who lives in the building and it normally happens from the time of moving in (and it may have happened to the last owners as well).

2.  The second: is when we have tricky dynamics going on generally with our Personal Chinese Astrology and “destiny” if you like.  So this means that astrologically we have entered a difficult time and we have a lot of unseen forces against us.  Everyone will enter a time like this at some stage throughout the course of their life.  Some times, having good Feng Shui can help.

3.  The third: is when we have severed configurations within the environment that create really bad Feng Shui.  Massive energy leaks, bad configurations in building layout structurally.  Maybe the front door is opposite the back door, or the front entrance opens onto a staircase that’s opposite the front door.  Maybe our bed is set up badly in the bedroom and this affects our relationships or our health…  When we have structural stuff going on or bad arrangements in the living (Feng Shui) environment – it will always have a bad effect sooner or later because we are re-routing the Chi (the life force energy) and we are forcing it flow in a negative way – so this will have a big effect.

4.  The fourth: is when we have “Bad Yearly Stars” affecting something significant or all of the above.  Each year there are transiting Feng Shui energies that occupy different parts of any building.  Sometimes these energies go to an area of our building that’s insignificant.  At other times they locate themselves in areas that are VERY significant and these trigger bad luck for one or more household members. When this happens the impact on our lives can be significant.  In fact, even in one year – people can become very destabilized quickly and it can affect finances, health, relationships, our social or career status… so paying attention to the yearly stars each year is a small investment which can really help you to counteract negative transiting effects before they even happen (take effect).

5.  The fifth and final thing is when we do things that create our own bad luck.  By this I mean, nothing creates bad luck faster than a bad temper or a bad attitude.  So the things we do very much “count” towards our luck and fortune.  If you are a person who believes in the power of good or the power of your own efforts, if you believe you have the power to change your destiny… then you will understand this principle.

The universe is ALWAYS open to change and in fact, we as simple everyday people are changing it every day with the things we say and do (just ask any economist).

Believe in the power that YOU have to make a positive change for the better and with a bit of positive application it can happen.

May Your Feng Shui be Good !


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